Splicer Machine DVP-760 PRO

BDT 89,000
Price Negotiable

Quick review:

Model: DVP-760 PRO

Automatic Operation

5000m Altitude

Color LCD Monitor

Battery Capacity: Up to 120 Times


Splicer Machine DVP-760 PRO

Splicer Machine DVP-760 PRO is a high-performance and dependable equipment capable of splicing optical fibers with accuracy and speed. It features a fully automated operation that allows the settings to be adjusted based on the fiber type and environment. It can operate at altitudes of up to 5000 meters and has completed the splicer machine system test for quality assurance. Splicer Machine DVP-760 PRO features a color LCD panel that clearly displays the splicing process and outcomes. It also has a pause option, which allows you to halt and continue splicing at any point. Splicer Machine DVP-760 PRO has an inbuilt memory that can hold up to 8000 groups of splice results that may be sent to a computer via USB or DC.

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